Tax refund from Canada


Average sum returned

Clients from Canada usually get 952 CAD returned on average.

Limitation period

Taxes from Canada can be returned for as many as the last 10 years.

Missing documents

If you do not have all the necessary documents - we can get them for you.

Duration of the procedure

Returning taxes from Canada takes 2 to 5 months.

Tax refund process

If you have worked in Canada during the last 10 years, you can file for a tax return. It is a simple procedure with RT Tax: register, gather the necessary documents, provide them to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Clients from Canada usually get 952 CAD returned on average.


Register for a tax return. Immediately after the registration you shall receive the documents submission form and further instructions. Our consultants shall contact you in 24 hours and answer all potential questions.

You can also download the documents submission form on your own. Find its filling examples here. After filling it in, you will have to gather all the documents necessary for a tax return.

Documents necessary for a tax return:

A copy of your passport or visa;

Passport – official document certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship.

Visa – document which is necessary to enter Canada.

T-4 form or last payslips from all employments;

T-4 form – a document which is provided by employer each year in January or February for the previous tax year. This document contains information about your total income and paid taxes.

Last payslip -a document provided by your employer along with your salary. Last payslip shows your total income and paid taxes.


T-4 Form

Last Payslip

Copy of Social Insurance Number card.

Social Insurance Number consists of 9 digits.


Social Insurance Number card

NOTE: If you do not have all the necessary documents – no problem! You can still start your tax return process. Our experienced tax return specialists will retrieve your missing documents.

Submission of documents

Submit all the necessary documents and the documents submission form to us. Choose the most convenient method of submission:

  • Bring or send all the documents to our representative office via mail: RT Tax, Business Center – Kaap Noord, Asterweg 17A2, 1031 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Send them to us by e-mail

Having received your documents, we will begin your tax return process immediately and inform you. You can follow the process by logging in to an online account, created especially for you.

tax refund from canada

Find out how much of your taxes you can get back!

Use our free tax calculator to find out the sum you are eligible to return. This will only take several minutes.

Do you have questions? We will answer them!

Can I file for the return of all the taxes from Canada?

Refundable amount depends on such factors as paid taxes, worked period and earned income. All the taxes from Canada can be returned only if you meet the required conditions.

How long does the tax return process take?

Tax returns from Canada normally take 2-5 months, depending on the processes in Canada tax office. When we receive your documents, we review and process them, prepare your income tax declarations and send it to the tax office at Canada in the shortest possible amount of time.

What should I do if I do not have all the necessary documents?

If you do not have all necessary document, you can still begin your tax return procedure. We shall get your documents in order by contacting your former employer.

What are the service fees?

RT Tax does not apply any upfront or hidden charges, meaning, it shall cost you nothing to contact us in order to file for a tax return and the commission is only paid when the tax return process has been completed. The charge for tax returns from Canada depends on the sum that is to be returned: 11% from the returned tax sum, but no less than 70 CAD.

If your missing T-4 forms need to be sought out, an additional charge of 15 CAD is applied.

Which years can I file a tax return for?

Taxes from Canada can be returned for as many as the last ten years.

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