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How to refund taxes?

You probably know that taxes are inevitable. When you work abroad, the income taxes of that country are deducted. The amount of taxes depends on various factors which are established by the public institution of the foreign country. On average, the percentage of taxes which are deducted from your income is 42%.
Yes, this sounds harsh, but these taxes allow to maintain schools, hospitals, armed forces and all other state funded institutions.
Good news is that you may return a part or all of the paid income taxes. Tax return or other social benefits receipts do not affect the possibility to be employed abroad in the future as well as it does not affect retirement pension and other social guarantees.

How to start tax refund process?

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Can I return all of my income taxes?

You may return an overpayment of your income taxes, not all paid income taxes. In some of the countries you may return all paid income taxes if they do not exceed the minimum of tax-free amount of that year. Otherwise, only the amount of overpaid taxes is calculated.

How long does the tax refund take?

Usually, the procedure takes from 2 to 6 months.
The length of the tax refund depends on the work processes of the foreign tax authorities in the country from which the taxes are refunded. Upon receipt of your documents, we evaluate them, prepare the income tax returns and send them to the foreign tax authorities in the shortest time possible. During the whole tax refund process, we inform our clients about any possible changes or updates via e-mail or phone.

How many years can I get the taxes refunded for?

It depends on the country where you worked. Usually, the taxes can be refunded for the last 4-5 years. You may find more information by selecting your country.

What should I do if I do not have all the necessary documents?

Even if you do not have all the necessary documents, you can contact us for your tax refund. We will get necessary documents. However, you should have the name of your employer‘s business and approximate time period of your employment.

How the refundable amount is calculated?

The amount of refundable taxes depends on various factors: the country in which you‘ve worked; total income; amount of income tax; time which you‘ve spent in the country, etc.

Is it true that I will not be able to work again in the country from which I have already returned my taxes?

This is not true. Tax return process is a legal process which does not affect your employment posibilities abroad.

Is it true that I will not receive retirement pension abroad if I have already returned my taxes?

No. Tax return process does not affect the receipt of retirement pension or any other social guarantees.

When can I apply for tax return process?

You may apply for tax return process as soon as you finish your employment abroad.

How can I return Child benefits?

You may return Child benefits from certain countries. One may claim for Child benefit even if only one of the parent‘s lives abroad. This process requires additional documents. You may find the list of the documents when you choose the country of interest.

How do I start the tax refund procedure?

Register and provide us with your contact information. We will send you the documents submission form via e-mail and we can discuss further procedure. Once we receive the necessary documents, we will start your tax refund. You may follow the tax refund process using your online account which will be created for you.

Tax refund calculator

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