Terms and conditions

Tax Refund process

1. After client submits all required documents to RT Tax or to RT Tax regional representative, all documents are passed on to RT Tax processing office.
2. Once documents are received at RT Tax processing office, client receives notification by e-mail, informing about estimated refundable amount. (If client does not receive such notification, he should contact RT Tax at info@rttax.com).
3. Later all documents are analyzed by RT Tax specialists and tax refund declarations are sent to tax authorities.
4. After the refund is received, RT Tax informs client (by e-mail) that money has been transferred to client’s provided bank account or personal check has been issued.

RT Tax bears no responsibility for the tax refund if:

– The refund was already claimed or applied for;
– Client has already received a refund;
– Client owes money to the relevant tax office;
– The information provided by client is false, inaccurate, incorrect, different from what the relevant tax authority has, insufficient or misleading in any way;
– The tax authority information leads to a decision that client is not due a refund.

Refund amount

All the calculated refundable amounts provided by RT Tax are only estimated. These estimated amounts are based on the average refund amount of similar cases from the previous tax years. The final refundable amount is calculated and issued by the tax authorities of the particular tax authority.

Where there is a change in the applicable tax law in the country from which the tax refund is being reclaimed, or in the interpretation or implementation of the rules and laws by the tax authorities of that country, RT Tax will meet its commitment to organize the refund to the degree allowed by the law, interpretation and implementation by the tax authority in that country. The decision of the exact value of any refund due or amount owed is the decision of the relevant tax authority.

Refund Period

RT Tax will provide the refund as expediently as possible, subject to the provision of the necessary documents by clients and the efficient processing of the refund application by the relevant tax office.

The refund period posted on RT Tax webpage and published in different RT Tax advertising material is the most common period for tax refund but it might be either longer or shorter. It depends on the documents that client has provided as well as on operating speed of the tax authorities of foreign countries.

Although the time needed by taxing authorities is not under the control of RT Tax, we strive to obtain your refund in the shortest time possible.

Commission fee

RT Tax will not charge any upfront commission to client. RT Tax fees will be deducted from the refundable amount before the refund is issued to client.

RT Tax commission fee is posted in this webpage and other RT Tax advertising material.

Client agrees to compensate RT Tax for filing for tax refund. If the relevant tax authority sends the refund check directly to client instead of sending it to RT Tax, client still must pay the relevant fee to RT Tax.

For additional value-added services provided by RT Tax to client, additional fees will be charged to cover associated administrative and management costs. Such additional services include, but are not limited to, document retrieval, personal number (e.g. SSN, PPS, NIN, etc.) verification, residency and non-residency document organization, where relevant amendment preparation for previous returns and certain payment options prevail. For information about the fee for the additional services rendered for an individual case, client should email RT Tax at info@rttax.com

Issuing refund to client

RT Tax sends the refund to client either by check or bank transfer as chosen by client on the Refund Request Form. After RT Tax receives the refund from the tax office, RT Tax will deduct its fees and send the remainder to client. If RT Tax for any reason cannot deduct its fee, client must pay the fee to RT Tax before RT Tax will send the refund to client.

Some USA States issue refund as a check in the client’s name instead of directly to the RT Tax. In this case, RT Tax will mail this check to client even if the other part of the refund was transferred to client’s bank account. In this instance client is responsible for the cashing of this check.

The refund is issued to client using the information, which was provided by client on the Refund Request Form.

If client’s address or bank information changes, client is obligated to inform RT Tax as soon as possible at info@rttax.com. RT Tax is not responsible, if transfer is made or check is mailed to a wrong client’s bank account or address.

Before filling Refund Request Form client must call or visit his bank and find out how to make a transfer to his bank if payment is coming from foreign country.
If incorrect or not full information is provided, there will be an additional bank charge of 50USD, in case bank needs to repeat the transfer.

RT Tax is not responsible for any fees charged by client’s bank or the correspondent bank for the bank transfer.

RT Tax has no control over the fees charged locally by the banks in bank wire transfers. RT Tax will not be liable for any changes in local bank charges, any currency exchange rates by the banks or any time period that the bank takes to process the wire transfer.

W2, P60 or P45 search service

In some cases, when client does not provide W2 (USA), P60 or P45 (UK, Ireland) form, RT Tax will have to contact the employer to get a copy of the mentioned form. If employer refuses to cooperate and refuses to issue the form, RT Tax will not bear the responsibility for the tax refund.
If client did not submit his W2 form for US tax refund and it is received by client later, client is obligated to bring or send it to the same office where documents for the refund were submitted.

Social Security and Medicare (SSMT) taxes

RT Tax bears no responsibility for the SSMT tax refund if employer, who withheld these taxes from client, refuses to cooperate with IRS or RT Tax.
The fee for the SSMT tax refund is charged separately from Federal and State tax refund.

Other provisions

1. RT Tax communicates with clients via e-mail(s) to the e-mail address provided by client. The client should check his e-mail regularly for updates on refund status.
2. Unless requested to do otherwise by client, RT Tax will advise current and former clients of all new services that they may avail of with RT Tax and all new services offered by RT Tax and associated companies.
3. RT Tax reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the Site, its related services and Terms and Conditions should the need arise. Such changes will be posted on https://rttax.com/en/terms-and-conditions. Clients are advised to check it regularly to receive these updates.
4. The submission of a registration to RT Tax, by web, post, hand, or email, constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by client.
5. RT Tax ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential.
6. Should client have any queries relating to the quality of service delivered, he is invited to email us at info@rttax.com.