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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced by President Donald Trump’s administration directly affects J1 Visa holders (Work & Travel and other program participants) starting 2018 tax season. Many of you are missing the information on what has changed and what should you do, what is causing a lot of confusion.
Bellow are few most frequently asked questions you ask us and the answers, which we hope will help you to better evaluate the situation and make your own decisions.

What is the main change, which will affect me directly?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act removed the personal exemption of 4050 USD on your Federal Taxes, which allowed J1 visa holders to earn up to 4050 USD tax free in the past. Starting tax year 2018 all the J1 Visa holders are taxed Federal Tax from the first dollar they earn. This change is affecting the Federal refundable amounts, which are lower this year. However, State Tax refunds remain unaffected in the most states.

Can I still get a refund?

Definitely you can! We calculated that the average Federal and State tax refund you might get for 2018 taxes will be around 350-400 dollars. Even though it is lower than previous tax seasons, but it is really worth to apply. By spending 15 minutes applying for a refund you will get amount which you probably were making per one week in U.S.
Depending on the program you participated in the U.S. and other conditions you might be entitled to a Tax Treaty exemption and the refund amount might be substantially bigger.

How can I find out my refund amount?

It is very easy! You should use our free online calculator and find out your refund amount immediately.

When will you charge your fee?

We charge our tax preparation fees only after you successfully receive your tax refund. We do not charge any fees in advance.

What about Social Security and Medicare tax refund?

The tax bill did not affect the Social Security and Medicare taxes and if these taxes were withheld from your salary, we can refund them to you.

What about the refund for tax years 2017, 2016 and 2015?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has come to power starting tax year 2018. All the previous years remain unaffected and the refund amount for those years are higher than 2018.

What should I do if my refund amount is too small to cover your fees?

According the new tax bill you are now legally obliged to fill a Tax Return (U.S. Tax Declaration). This is no matter if you get a refund or not.
Even though your refund is too small to cover our fees we will give you the discount to allow you to meet your U.S. tax filing obligations and file your Tax Return (U.S. Tax Declaration).

What is included in your service?

Our service will include the following:
– Preparing your paperwork for a Tax Refund
– Providing to clients missing document such as W2 form search service
– Mailing your Tax Declaration to Tax Authorities
– Contacting the Tax Authorities if there are issues with the refund
– Responding to Tax Authorities if there are questions about client’s case

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