Check cashing



If you have refunded your U.S. taxes by yourself or through other company and received your tax refund check from U.S. Tax Authorities, we are the best solution for you to cash it!

If you applied for a tax refund through RT Tax, you do not have to worry about cashing the check because you will receive your tax refund to your Payoneer Virtual MasterCard Account.

How does this work?

1. Register for the account by clicking the “CASH YOUR USD CHECK” below

First, you have to register for the account by submitting personal information and required documents. Once we check and confirm your documents and information, you will have to send your check to us.

2. Send your check to us

Please send the check to the address provided in your personal account, or submit it to our partner agent in your country. The service fee depends on the country you live in, so when you finish signing up, you will see the service fee on your verification form and service agreement.

3. Create Payoneer Virtual MasterCard Account

Once we receive the check(s) from you, you will have to to your account and continue creating Payoneer Virtual MasterCard Account, where cashed check amount will be transferred to you.

Important: do not create a Payoneer account on your own, it needs to be opened through our dedicated link, which will be created during the process and you will find it once logged in to your .


Have NOT a tax refund check?

If you have received a check from your previous employer, federal stimulus check or you have any other check which was issued in the USA for you, we can help you to cash this check as well. Please follow the same procedure and click the button below to register for check cashing.