Receive your Tax Refund with Virtual Account


Virtual Account is a special account opened for our clients by our partner Payoneer, Inc, which will be used to receive Tax Refund money.
Clients will receive refund directly from the Tax Authorities and will be able to transfer money to local bank account.

Why virtual card account?
  • No upfront fee – Tax preparation fee is charged only after the Tax Refund is loaded to Virtual Account.
  • Faster – Tax Refund procedures will take 4-6 weeks faster than usual.
  • Cheaper – no international money transfer or Correspondent Bank fees.
  • Safer – Tax Authorities will deposit tax refund directly to Virtual Account. Tax Refund company does not have possession of client‘s money.

How does it work?

It takes just 4 simple steps to get your tax refund!

Apply for tax refund online

  • Register for tax refund on RT Tax website. After that, you will be guided to further procedure.

Sign up for a Payoneer Virtual Card Account

  • After signing up you will have to activate your Virtual Card Account by logging in to your Payoneer Account.
  • You will receive an email when your tax refund is loaded to your Virtual Card Account.

Receive your tax refund from U.S. Tax Authorities

  • Federal and State tax refunds will be transferred in two separate deposits.
  • Our tax refund fees will be deducted from your Virtual Card Account.

Use your money.

  • You can transfer your money to your local bank account in local currency. Watch video instruction.
  • You can use your Virtual Card number for any purchases online.
  • You can also order an actual plastic Master Card  and use the card to withdraw your money at any ATM worldwide or use your card for any purchases in stores.