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Tax Refund application goes entirely Online. E-sign, upload documents and track your refund progress.

Fastest refunds

Now tax refunds are received much faster due to the Electronic Filing Technology for non-residents.

No upfront fee

Tax preparation fees are charged only after the tax refund is received.

Missing documents

If you do not have all the necessary documents - we can get them for you.

Tax refund process

If you have worked in the USA during the last three years, you can apply for a tax refund. With RT Tax it is very simple:

  • Register
  • Submit necessary documents
  • Confirm your bank account
  • Get your tax refund


Apply and get your USA tax refund Online! The first step is to register here. Then the Online Account will be created where you will be guided further through the refund procedure until you will receive your money.

Documents necessary for a tax return:

Last pay-slips from all the employers (if you have them);

Last payslip – document provided by your employer along with your salary. Last payslip shows your total income and tax withheld.


Last Payslip

Forms W-2 from all the employers (you will receive W2 from your employers by February 15th);

W-2 form – document provided by your employer at the end of the fiscal year. This document shows your total income and tax withheld for the current fiscal year.


W-2 Form


A copy of your passport;

Official document certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship.

A copy of your Social Security Card;

This document contains your Social Security Number which consists of 9 numbers.


Social Security Card

A copy of your Visa;

Visa – document which is necessary to enter USA.


USA Visa

A copy of your DS-2019 form (if you have it).

This document proves your J1 Visa status.


DS-2019 Form

NOTE: If you do not have Forms W-2 and you will not send them to us by February 15th we will automatically start document search service for you in order to get W-2 copies from your employers.

Submission of documents

After the registration on our website the personal account will be created and the login information sent to you. Scan or make photocopies of the documents and attach them on your personal account on our website.

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More Information

Do you have questions? We will answer them!

How is the refundable amount calculated?

U.S. Tax Authorities apply progressive taxation system. The refundable amount is calculated according to the total income and tax withheld during the fiscal year. If you wish to know the approximate refundable amount from the USA, try our tax refund calculator.

Is Form W-2 necessary to process my taxes?

Yes, it is necessary to get a tax refund. You should receive it by February 15th from your employer to the address you provided. However, if you did not receive it, we can contact your employer and get it for you, for an additional fee.

I am not receiving any refund, do I still have to file a tax declaration?

Yes, under U.S. law, if you received income in the USA, you are obliged to file a tax declaration. After you register on our website and send us your documents, we will calculate your taxes. If there is no refund, we will send you information on how you can file your tax declaration and meet your U.S. tax obligations.

How long does it take to refund taxes from the USA?

The tax filing season in USA starts from February each year, when U.S. Tax Authorities provide the declaration forms. If you submitted all the necessary documents, RT Tax fills and submits the tax refund documents to U.S. Tax Authorities as quickly as possible. After that, the tax refund period depends on the U.S. Tax Authorities. It might take 4 – 6 months, or in rare cases, even longer.

What happens if my file is under review by the U.S. Tax Authorities?

The refund process will take longer if your file is selected by the U.S. Tax Authorities for review. Recently, we’ve observed that if you file your U.S. taxes for the first time, it will likely be selected for an identity check, which will delay the tax refund process.

How will I get my refund?

U.S. Tax Authorities usually issue a bank transfer so you should receive your tax refund to your confirmed bank account. However, in some cases, tax refund can be issued by a paper check. As these checks are personal, RT Tax won’t have a possibility to cash them. So we will send a tax refund check to your home address.

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