When the IRS (U.S. Tax Authorities) began allowing electronic filing for non-resident tax declarations, RT Tax quickly adopted this innovation. We’re proud to be early users of the non-resident E-file technology, making tax filing easier for our global clients.

Here are the advantages our clients get from E-file technology compared to a paper tax declaration filing:

  • Faster issued refunds. Tax declarations are sent and processed electronically which is much faster than paper filing. The electronic declarations are also processed faster by IRS.
  • Greater accuracy and less delay. According to IRS, the error possibility on the electronically filed tax declaration is 20 times lower compared to the paper declaration. Therefore, less tax refunds are being delayed by IRS.
  • Security. IRS uses the latest encryption technology to protect your information for electronically filed tax declarations, which is impossible to do when tax declarations are filed on paper.

Here are some articles for those who think that e-file technology is just for the U.S. resident taxes: