Average sum returned

Clients from the Netherlands usually get 975 EUR returned on average.

Limitation period

Taxes from the Netherlands can be returned for as many as the last 5 years.

Missing documents

If you do not have all the necessary documents, contact us and we will help you get them.

Duration of the procedure

On average it takes 3-7 months from the day the documents are sent to Tax Authorities.

Tax refund process

If you have worked in the Netherlands during the last five years, you can file for a tax return. It is a simple procedure with RT Tax: register, gather the necessary documents, provide them to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Clients from the Netherlands usually get 975 EUR returned on average.


Register for a tax return. Immediately after the registration you shall receive the documents submission form and further instructions. Our consultants shall contact you in 24 hours and answer all potential questions.

You can also download the documents submission form on your own. Find its filling examples here. After filling it in, you will have to gather all the documents necessary for a tax return.

Documents necessary for a tax return:

A copy of your passport or ID card;

Official documents certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship.

Jaaropgave forms or final salary statements from every job;

Jaaropgave forms are documents issued by the employer, containing information on the taxes paid and the salary received by an employee. A final salary statement contains all the information about your income and the taxes paid since you have been employed or since the beginning of the tax year.



BSN/SoFi number;

This is a social security number. If you do not have a document where a BSN/SoFi number is provided, but you know your number, it is enough simply to enter it into our documents submission form.


BSN Number

Tax office income statement (only if you are EU citizen).

This document contains information of your income. The statement is not necessary if your income received in your home country for the year made up more than 10 % of your income for the year (from the Netherlands and your home country put together).

Personal Income Statement 2023
Personal Income Statement 2022
Personal Income Statement 2021
Personal Income Statement 2020
Personal Income Statement 2019

Explanation of Statement

NOTE: If you do not have all required documents – no problem! You can still begin your tax return process. Contact us and we will help you get them.

Submission of documents

Submit all the necessary documents and the documents submission form to us. Bring or send all the documents to our representative office via mail:

RT Tax
E. Ožeškienės 15
LT-44254 Kaunas

Having received your documents, we will begin your tax return process immediately and inform you. You can follow the process by logging in to an online account, created especially for you.

When the foreign tax office returns your taxes, you will be informed by e-mail about the successful tax refund.

Other services

If you have worked in the Netherlands, you are eligible for a health insurance compensation. You can also use other our services. RT Tax experts will provide you with all the information and help to fill in the necessary documents.

If you bought health insurance in the Netherlands, you can get back part of the amount you paid. According to the health insurance law (Zorgverzekeringswet), persons living in the Netherlands that work and pay income tax in the Netherlands, must be insured with compulsory insurance. With an EU health insurance card issued by your country (available in the EU countries and Switzerland), you can reside in the Netherlands, but you cannot work.

Size of the compensation: the size of the compensation differs every year. It depends from your income that year: up to 154 EUR per month if your income for the year did not exceed 39 000 EUR.

Necessary documents:

  • A copy of your passport or ID card;
  • Jaaropgave forms or final salary statements from your every job;
  • BSN/SoFi number (If you do not have any documents where a BSN/SoFi number is provided, but you know your number, it is enough simply to enter it into our document submission form);
  • A copy of your insurance policy or insurance card.

Duration of the procedure: on average, the compensation is received within 3-4 months, but the tax office may state their final decision within a year from the document reception date.

You can qualify for child benefit if at least one of the parents is working/has worked in the Netherlands for more than 6 months while the other one is living with a child in any of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Size of the payments: the payments are quarterly and depend on the child’s age. The payment size differs every year. The following sums have been approved and are in effect since January 2024:

279,49 EUR per quarter for a child aged 0-5,
339,38 EUR for ages 6-11,
399,27 EUR for ages 12-17

If you receive child benefit in your home country, this sum will be deducted from the total of your benefit and you will only receive the difference. When it is decided that you are eligible to receive the benefit, the money is transferred every quarter directly into the account you provide.

Necessary documents:

  • A copy of your passport or ID card;
  • A copy of spouse’s passport or ID card;
  • A copy of child’s ID (if you have one);
  • Child’s birth certificate (European or translated);
  • Marriage certificate (European or translated)

Duration of the procedure: handling of documents for the payments takes 2 to 12 months.

Limitation period: child benefit may be returned for the past one year at most.

IMPORTANT: You must inform the Dutch social security office on any fundamental changes that may impact the size of your benefits (e.g. significant change in family income, departure from the Netherlands, divorce, etc.) in 4 weeks.

Register for child benefits

In order for the tax office to take into account your spouse’s details for additional benefits, your spouse must have a social security number (BSN / SoFi).

Necessary documents:

  • A copy of passport or ID card;
  • Residency declaration (must be translated into English);
  • A copy of marriage certificate (must be translated into English).

Duration of the procedure: reception of a social security number takes 1-2 months.


If you have received a notice from the tax office that you must file a tax return or have received a tax return form from them, you must file a tax return by the date specified by the tax office. If the declaration is not submitted on time, the tax office will charge you with a fine, starting from 220 EUR.
If you were not working in the Netherlands during that year, we can fill out a “zero-tax return” and the tax office shall have no further questions. If you have paid less taxes than you ought, you will be obliged to pay it to Dutch tax office after tax office request.

Necessary documents:

  • A copy of passport or ID card;
  • Jaaropgave forms or final salary statements from every job;
  • BSN/SoFi number.

If you want to receive unemployment benefits when you return to Lithuania, the Lithuanian tax authorities will usually ask you to provide a U1 form. We can apply for the issue of such form, for that we will only need a copy of your passport/ID card and BSN/SoFi number (social security number).

Duration of the procedure: receiving the form takes about 4 months.


All of our clients’ documents are processed using Netherland tax authorities approved E-filing system

With E-filing system:
- Refunds are issued faster
- All documents are sent online
- Tax cases are solved at greater speed

Do you have questions? We will answer them!

What is a tax refund and Tax Declaration?

Tax Declaration is the income and tax information that a taxpayer provides to the tax authorities after the tax year is over.
After filing a Tax Declaration most of our clients are entitled to a tax refund as a result of applying the non-taxable amounts and various tax deductions.

How much taxes can I get back?

The tax refund amount depends on factors like total income; amount of taxes paid; period of work abroad, home country, etc. You can use our Online Calculator to check how much refund you can get. It is important to mention that the final refund amount is determined by the local Tax Authorities and only overpaid taxes are refunded.

Will I lose my social benefits/pension if I refund my taxes?

Tax refund has no impact on future opportunities to work abroad, pension, and other social guarantees. None of the social security taxes is being refunded during the process, only income taxes.

Can I get a tax refund if I only worked for a few months?

You can apply for tax refund even if you only worked for a few months (short-term contract, seasonal position, etc.). Tax refund procedure begins after the end of the fiscal year.

How will I receive my refunded money?

You will receive your money to your bank account you provide to us during your tax refund registration process. We use the services of licensed money remittance companies to ensure that the refunded money is received from Tax Authorities and forwarded to your bank account safely and quickly.

Is it mandatory to file tax declarations if I worked in Netherlands?

It depends on income and employment type. The best way to make sure if you are obliged to fill the declaration is to contact our specialist for free consultation and we will handle your individual case.

What should I do if I do not have all the necessary documents?

Most of the documents can be obtained and you can still begin the tax return procedure. Please contact our tax return experts and we will help to collect missing documents.

How long does the tax refund process take?

As soon as we receive all necessary documents from the client, we review them, prepare the Tax Declaration and send to The Netherlands Tax Office in the shortest possible time. Then the time frame depends only on the processes of the Tax Office. Usually it takes 3-7 months from the date the client’s Tax Declaration was sent.

What are the service fees?

RT Tax does not apply any upfront or hidden charges, meaning, it shall cost you nothing to contact us in order to apply for a tax refund and the commission is only paid when the tax refund process has been completed.

The charge for tax returns from the Netherlands is 16% from the returned tax sum, but not less than 79 EUR.
If your missing Jaaropgave forms need to be sought out, an additional charge of 20 EUR is applied.

Do I have to pay for your services if there is no refund available?

If there is no refund available you can cancel the process free of charge. Just be aware that in some cases it’s mandatory to file a Tax Declaration, failure to do so may result in fines and interest. If there is no refund available, but you have to file the declaration we can do that if you pay us the service fee.

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